Hotel rules

Applicale rules at BB-Hotels are listed below.

Please read signs and information at the local hotels.


Payment must be done right away.

If we haven't received the payment within 24 hours, the reservation will be cancelled without warning.

Reservations made later than 12 PM the day before arrival day are binding and will not be refunded. This rule applies whether or not the room is visited.

Reservations can be cancelled via the link below until 12 PM on the day before the day of arrival.

Paid amounts will be fully refunded if the cancelling is made via bbhotels.dk - use the form below.

Please note that when you cancel, you cancel the entire reservation.


To edit your reservation, you must cancel the reservation and make a new reservation instead.

Reserved rooms become available the minute, they are cancelled - and can be reserved again.

Go to cancellation form


All rooms and facilities in the hotel is smoking free area.

A fee of DKK 1500,- will be charged, if you - in spite of Danish legislation, signage and warnings - choose to smoke inside.

Vaping is also prohibited.

And last but not least, smoking with the windows open is not permitted either.


Pets are not permitted in any of the BB-Hotels.

If this rule is violated and a pet is brought to one of our hotels, an extra cleaning fee of DKK 1500,- will be charged, as the hotel is classified as an allergy free hotel.


It is not permitted to activate or loosen a fire alarm, and it will not stop a current alarm! When the alarm is activated, the fire Department is on its way and can neither be stopped.

The guest is responsible to ensure, that the fire alarm is not activated when it is not necessary, and also to ensure that the fire alarms are not being vandalised, for exampled by covering or loosening them.

If the fire alarm is activated, the fire department is present within 5 minutes, and they cannot be stopped.

An emergency driving with light and sirenes costs DKK 6000,- according to our price list and will be charged afterwards.

The amount goes to covering the nuisances from the false alarm. If a technician is need to restart the alarm installation, an extra fee of DKK 6000,- will be charged. This rule applies as well, if it is necessary to establish a fire patrol until the fire installation is fully functioning.