Hotel policy

Please read our hotel policy.

Payment and cancellation terms

Payment must be made immediately.
If we do not receive your payment within 24 hours, your booking will be cancelled without notice.
Bookings made later than 5 days before the date of arrival are binding. No refunds will be made if the room is not used.
Bookings made may be cancelled until 5 days before the actual date of arrival using the below link.
Amounts paid will be refunded in full if the booking is cancelled using the below link, and only if cancelled using this link.
Note: if you make a cancellation, then the entire booking will be cancelled.

For cancellation, click here

Non smoking hotel

All rooms and facilities are smoke-free.
If in defiance of Danish law, signs and warnings you still smoke indoors, you will be charged a fee of DKK 1,000.00.

Fire alarm

It is prohibited to unscrew the fire detectors, and it will not stop an ongoing alarm!
The guest is responsible for ensuring that the fire alarm is not released and that the fire detectors are not wilfully damaged, f. ex. by unscrewing or covering them.
If the fire alarm goes off, the fire brigade will arrive within 5 min., and the fire brigade cannot be stopped!
A false alarm costs DKK 5,000 payable by the guest.

Pets not allowed

It is not allowed to bring pets to the hotel.